Wellesley '57, 55th reunion!

News from Our 60th Reunion (June 2-4, 2017) Co-Chairs, Sally Swayne Jennings and Doss Miller Philips

Sally and Doss are deep into Planning Mode. So far, we know that housing will be in Stone / Davis and that the College will provide more in the way of meals, transportation and programs than for younger reunion classes. But some things stay the same and the Reunion Committee is developing. Thus far:

You will be hearing from Betsy in the fall about your reunion book submission. One of our thoughts for the book and a theme for Reunion: We hope to discuss "The Wellesley Effect" and our beloved Non Ministrari sed Ministrare. You may want to downplay writing about what your grandchildren are doing and how you like (or don't like) your "retirement home" to write about what you have done in your (long) life that best exemplifies your Wellesley Experience (this may run the gamut from organizing a community symphony orchestra, to running for office, to spending 35 years as a kindergarten teacher, to insisting on a nightly family dinner – whatever your "ministry" may have been that has been most important to you.

Finally, Reunion is all about friends ; check out the list of who is planning to come under the website 60th Reunion Tab. Call at least two others to join you. We hope to "simplify," not over-program and provide plenty of time for talk.

Please email or call us with your thoughts, idea, to volunteer and let us know that you plan to attend!!

Sally - sallyjennings@beverwyck.com (518) 533-7458
Doss - dphilips@aol.com (212) 777-8432
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